organic body product BRANDING, 2012 // with PACKAGING & WEB DESIGN

Oh-Lief Branding
Oh-Lief Branding
Oh-Lief Branding 2
Oh-Lief Branding 3

The branding of the Oh-Lief range needed to be as pure and gentle as the products themselves. A perfectly balanced round label represents the  brand’s harmonious relationship with nature. Soft lines and a romantic brush script further enforce the lifestyle of love that is the Oh-Lief sisters.


Attention to Detail // A scalloped edge and detailed dots reflect the care and perfection that go into the production of the Oh-Lief range. These details are kept to a minimum in order to enforce the idea that there are no unnecessary extras in any of the products.

COLOUR // Oh-Lief is easily identified by it’s signature warm turquoise. The choice of brand colour is gentle enough for babies yet strong enough to show the effectiveness of the product. It is completely unisex and seamlessly makes the transition into the adult range.

PRADIENCE // packaging

N TALJAARD // web design


TDV // web design

HUISGENOOT // 3d modelling

THULA // illustration

K BEAURAIN // website

THELEMA // print ads

FRUTINA // brand management

CHECKERS // app design

STEEPSTERS // marketing material

ZORGVLIET // app design

FIJNDRAAI // web design

ASTA // marketing material & packaging design

ICE BLAST // global brand management

CLAUDE // web design

MOST //  web developement

FRANK SOLOMON // web design

STUDIO 45 // e-commerce site

OHLIEF // branding & packaging design

FOM // branding, signage & website

PEPPERTREE // e-commerce website

BLACK & GOLD // branding & packaging

COCO-LALA // logo & character design