The dream of starting a full service design studio was became a reality for myself and my varsity friend, Pieter Ludeke in 2010. In line with most good agencies, we started Catchatiger Design Studio with more enthusiasm than good sense.
About Catchatiger Design

The first official quote that we sent launched us on a journey of immense highs and lows. We have pushed our creative boundaries and learnt lessons in the hardest way possible. As business partners and friends Pieter and I have grown in both a design and business capacity.  Pieter has been drawn towards the technology and animation side of the industry and I found myself gravitating towards web design & wordpress development. (a side of the industry that I previously despised).

Over the past 8 years, our small Cape Town design studio has worked with a broad range of clients ranging from local start-ups to corporate and international companies. We have seen brands grow and blossom under our watchful design eye. Our designs stands out from the crowd because every part of a project is carefully considered. Today we specialise in designing wordpress sites that are beautiful and highly functional.

As a small agency we pride ourselves in personal relationships and custom design solutions for every client. Each person in our team posesses a broad knowledge of all aspects of the creative industry. They can easily take a project from concept, to production and roll-out. We send out work of a consistently high standard while maintaining healthy client relationships.

To new ventures

In early 2014, varsity peer Handré de Jager joined the team as Head of Animation. Less than a year later  Pieter launched a sister project by the name of Wolf and Halo. This new company specialises in online marketing strategy and digital content creation. Pieter has lead his team of animation and social media experts to local and international heights. W+H is now an industry leader in the creation of animated explainer videos, 3D modeling and character development.

Consequently these 2 companies can cater to any design need that a company might have.

Our service offering includes, but is not limited to the following fields :
logo design | brand management | web development | packaging |  web design  | illustrationapp design | wine label design | graphic design

Catchatiger Design Studio has offices in Cape Town & Stellenbosch, South Africa.