The Process

In order to offer each and every client 100% of our attention there are some guidelines that we try to adhere to as far as possible. This means that we allocate hours for a project into our job calendar only once a 50% deposit has been paid. We highly recommend that clients only initiate a project once all supporting content has been finalised ( business model / pack shots / copy ) as the quote that we provide you with includes loading a single set of content.


In the interest of of both client and designer, we insist on a paper trail(email) for all comments and feedback and might not always be able to answer our phones for project discussions. This ensures that A) every instruction gets flagged and prioritised for completion accordingly and B) that we are always giving 100% of our attention to the task at hand. When quoting hours on a project we feel it’s only fair to clients that those hours are uninterrupted and utilised to the fullest.

Office Hours

Due to the fact that we love what we do we are often going the extra mile and working long hours, but please bear in mind that we try to restrict outgoing communication to between 8am and 5pm.


We believe that there is nothing like a face-to-face meeting to get a feel for the person you are going to work with, we unfortunately have to limit this to one before or at project kick-off. Due to time constraints and the process mentioned above, we prefer all subsequent communication to be in email form. Should you wish to schedule more meetings you are welcome to do so at our hourly rate of R550ph.


We always try to provide a quote that is as close to the final fee as possible. Discussing the clients needs and expectations at the hand of similar projects helps us to understand what is expected from us. Initial projects are always quoted as a once off fee. Edits or add-ons to the initial project scope can either be quoted separately or billed at our hourly rate. Please note that we will never initiate work that will incur an extra fee without prior consent from the client. With this in mind, we are sensitive to the fact that needs can change during the course of a project and are always willing to adapt the direction and fee as the project progresses.


It’s important to note that unless specifically quoted for, copy creation or editing is not included in your price. Should you wish to make use of a professional copywriter (recommended) we can provide you with the contact details of reputable freelancers. Similarly, while we take responsibility for image resizing and cropping where possible, any necessary image editing will be discusses and charged for extra.


We are absolutely deadline driven and create timelines for every project in order to manage realistic client expectations. When we receive client content after an agreed upon date it not only postpones the set deadline but also complicates the calendar hours that we have allocated for the coming weeks. Please be patient with us in cases like this while we re-shuffle our job sheets in order to get your project out as soon as possible.


Catchatiger does not offer website hosting in our own capacity but we will gladly host your site on our dedcated Hetzner server.

Costs are as follows and will be billed annually at the end of August :

– R109per month domain hosting
– R199per year domain renewal

Total R1507 fee to be paid annually.

* Please note that this does not include email setup on local devices (How-to links provided)
* Does not include connection issues (client to contact Hetzner directly)

Should you choose to host your site elsewhere, please make sure that your hosting provider is running the minimum version of PHP ( 5.6 ), and mySQL ( 5.6 ), and that it allows for at least 256 MB of PHP memory.