Create the right first impression of your business with a custom and professional brochure design.

One of the best ways to inform your target audience, about your business offerings is a brochure. Brochures can be a simple single sided flyer or folded into a trifold or multipage booklet.

Popular brochure formats include:

  • DL flyers ( single landscape A4, cut into 3 equal strips, to be printed single or double-sided )
  • Trifold brochures ( single landscape A4, folded into 3 equal strips, to be printed double-sided ). Trifold brochures have 6 pages in effect.

The copy should be short and be separated into clear sections to engage the viewer. This enables us to play with font size and white space in order to clearly distinguish between areas of content.

Imagery in the brochure should be both visually appealing and supportive of the content. Please discuss the cost of using stock photography with us if you don’t have access to an image library.

Good brochure design ensure that your business gets noticed. A brochure can also reaffirm brand identity in the mind of the readers.

Whether you require a simple one or two page, Tri-fold or multipage booklet, we can ensure that your brochure design is both custom and effective.