Letterpress Printing #2 – A step up

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So our good friend Andre Heiberg, was kind enough to lend as a super awesome, super old school Adana 8×5 Tabletop Letterpress printing machine. This press was in great condition. It was equipped with the original platen, chase, gripper arms and even an additional ‘Automatic Ink duct’. Pretty impressive stuff if you’re a letterpress enthusiast. With a little bit of TLC, we got this baby back to its former glory.Our Aldana Tabletop Letterpress Machine

We first printed the front of the cards, and then had to another run for the logo details at the back.

Doing two runs for the front and back of the card

Close-up of the platen and chase, with impression block ready to do its job.

Letterpress printing Impression block and alignment

Applying some ink on the ink disk. You’ll see how little ink you use for letterpress printing, this is then spread for even application.

Ink needs to be spread thinly and evenly for letterpress printing

Some final tweaks and adjustments before printing commences.

Final tweaks and adjustments

Finished product.

Finished Product

And the pile is complete 🙂


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