An online shop allows you to process and accept debit and credit card transactions for physical or digital goods and services sold online.

At Catchatiger we use WordPress as a CMS (content-management-system) to build beautiful online shops. Integrated into this is WooCommerce, one of the most popular and trusted E-commerce solutions for wordpress.
Because of the popularity of the technology there are multiple free and paid-for plugins and extensions to customise the shopping experience to your logistical and technical requirements. Both WordPress and its E-commerce component is user friendly and simple to use, which means that the client can easily edit and update products, prices and pages. There are also numerous online videos and tutorials available to guide you around the WordPress environment.
Contact us for a quote on your web store, which will depend on the amount of products, product categories, product variations and custom functionality that your site requires.
WordPress Training : Should you need it, we can include an hour of WordPress training into your quote. During this session we show you around the WordPress backend and explain how to edit content using the Visual Composer.
WordPress Documentation : Should you require we can provide documentation on how to perform specific functions on your website  like adding a product or changing the price  (quoted extra).
Payment Gateways : There are numerous payment gateways available that caters to your specific needs. For South African transactions, Payfast is a highly recommended gateway that seamlessly integrates into the WordPress platform. Paypal is a similar payment gateway that caters for international credit and debit card transactions.