luxury travel WEBSITE DESIGN, 2015 // with development by HOWL MEDIA

Africa & You Website Design
Africa & You Website Design 2
Africa & You Website Design 4
Africa & You Website Design 5

The Africa & You website design reflects the luxury that this boutique travel agency offers. Classic typography principles hint at traditional print layouts, creating trust and style. Content is king in this expansive site with a double navigation system. Full screen photography entices the viewer to engage with the content below while subtle hover animations enhance the user’s web experience.

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FONT PAIRING // A classic Serif and Sans-Serif combination ensures that the copy is easy to read and visually appealing.

HIERARCHY //In addition to variations in size, clear differences in font weights guide the viewer’s eye through the content.

TYPOGRAPHIC COLOUR // Variations of font weight, size, stroke width, leading and kerning reinforces the visual hierarchy of a page, which is always directly tied to the meaning of the copy and the desired intention of the message.

** To view typographic color squint at a layout until you can’t read it anymore, but can still see the text in terms of its overall tonal value.


PRADIENCE // packaging

N TALJAARD // web design

BOSJES // web design

TDV // web design

HUISGENOOT // 3d modelling

THULA // illustration

K BEAURAIN // website

THELEMA // print ads

ESTA // web design

CHECKERS // app design

STEEPSTERS // marketing material

ZORGVLIET // app design

FIJNDRAAI // web design

STRANDVELD // web design

ICE BLAST // global brand management

CLAUDE // web design

MOST //  web developement

FRANK SOLOMON // web design

STUDIO 45 // e-commerce site

OHLIEF // branding & packaging design

FOM // branding, signage & website

TOKARA // e-commerce website

SCUTTLE // corporate identity

COCO-LALA // logo & character design