MOST TECHNOLOGY web design- and development, 2016 // with BROCHURE DESIGN

The MOST customer is a professional whose biggest challenge is to follow up the business in real time, to be sure, secure and proactive in their way of doing business. Having proof of the wellness of their goods, deliveries, status of farms, factories, buildings and stores would also strengthen their position when negotiating with clients regarding any goods that get damaged or things that needs to be repaired. Another challenge is to manage risks efficiently.

A partner that can give a solid solution to enable this would gain their trust and loyalty. The customer can be found in multiple industries such as the Agricultural/Food- Electronics, Commercial Property, Textile, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Transport, Service Real Estate-, Logistics- Sustainability or Compliance industry. They are modern in their way of thinking and believe that technology can truly help to develop their business in an environmentally friendly way. They understand that information is crucial and that transparency is beneficial for all parties to be able to work better together.

PRADIENCE // packaging

N TALJAARD // web design

BOSJES // web design

TDV // web design

THULA // illustration

K BEAURAIN // website

THELEMA // print ads

ESTA // web design

REUTECH // infographic design

FIJNDRAAI // web design

CLAUDE // web design

MOST //  web developement

FRANK SOLOMON // web design

RADLEY & FINCH // web design

STUDIO 45 // e-commerce site

OHLIEF // branding & packaging design

FOM // branding, signage & website

TOKARA // e-commerce website

SCUTTLE // corporate identity

COCO-LALA // logo & character design