HAND CRAFTED JEWELLERY Stellenbosch logo design , 2014 // with PACKAGING & WEB DESIGN

The elegant lettering in this Stellenbosch logo design offset the organic lines of Thérese’s hand crafted jewellery. Signage and print design complete the branding of this boutique jewellery brand.


PRADIENCE packaging

RAATS online store

BOSJES web design

TDV web design

THULA illustration

K BEAURAIN website

THELEMA  print ads

ESTA web design

REUTECH  infographic design

FIJNDRAAI web design

CLAUDE web design

GLIMPSE web development

FRANK SOLOMON web design

RADLEY & FINCH web design

STRANDVELD e-commerce site

OHLIEF branding & packaging design

FOM branding, signage & website

TOKARA e-commerce website

SCUTTLE corporate identity

COCO-LALA logo & character design