Stellenbosch Packaging Design BRANDING, 2015 // with CORPORATE IDENTITY

Asta-packaging- Stellenbosch
Asta-Packaging Cape Town

The vibrant colours and iconic fonts in this restaurant branding is a great example of Stellenbosch Graphic Design. Uniformity was key in applying the key elements of this brand to the various packaging and stationery elements.

PRADIENCE // packaging

N TALJAARD // web design

BOSJES // web design

TDV // web design

HUISGENOOT // 3d modelling

THULA // illustration

K BEAURAIN // website

THELEMA // print ads

ESTA // web design

CHECKERS // app design

STEEPSTERS // marketing material

ZORGVLIET // app design

FIJNDRAAI // web design

STRANDVELD // web design

ICE BLAST // global brand management

CLAUDE // web design

MOST //  web developement

FRANK SOLOMON // web design

STUDIO 45 // e-commerce site

OHLIEF // branding & packaging design

FOM // branding, signage & website

TOKARA // e-commerce website

SCUTTLE // corporate identity

COCO-LALA // logo & character design