This brand takes inspiration in the personal nature of the Bosjes experience. Whilst offering world class architecture and produce, the farm and family history form an integral part of the brand.The Bosjes approach strips elements down to their core, reflecting the simplistic approach of the the estate. Removing the clamour and clutter of everyday life allows the viewer to reflect on a pure way of life. The Bosjes brand is all about a quality experience in the richness of nature.

FORMAT // The Bosjes Logo is inspired by the traditional way of representing dates on Dutch Manor Houses. This places an emphasis on the context and location of the Bosjes Farm, indicating an established family history.

PINEAPPLE // This indicates Victorian hospitality and is a modern take on the traditional family crest.

THUMB PRINT // The curved line of the chapel roof serves as a starting point for the pineapple’s inside pattern. This references the personal nature of the Bosjes experience as well as subtly reflecting an architectural design element.

DATE // 1970 is significant in that this was the year the farm was registered.

PRADIENCE // packaging

N TALJAARD // web design

BOSJES // web design

TDV // web design

HUISGENOOT // 3d modelling

THULA // illustration

K BEAURAIN // website

THELEMA // print ads

ESTA // web design

CHECKERS // app design

STEEPSTERS // marketing material

ZORGVLIET // app design

FIJNDRAAI // web design

STRANDVELD // web design

ICE BLAST // global brand management

CLAUDE // web design

MOST //  web developement

FRANK SOLOMON // web design

STUDIO 45 // e-commerce site

OHLIEF // branding & packaging design

FOM // branding, signage & website

TOKARA // e-commerce website

SCUTTLE // corporate identity

COCO-LALA // logo & character design